Most of the fabrics I have been using are ones that I’ve collected in my travels for well over over a decade, with hope that I’d find a purpose for them one day. I part with these fabrics with bittersweet feelings and memories as I make them into masks as a form of protecting our communities and loved ones. It’s hope that I want to be displayed with the beautiful and unique fabric that goes into each mask.

Below are several different examples of the styles that I have produced. You can find out the “Style ID#” by pressing/clicking on the image and then swiping through the gallery. Patterns & colors may vary slightly depending on how each custom mask is sewn and the availability of the fabrics that I use. Please contact me and let me know what style(s) you are interested in. You can also visit my Etsy storefront to see what I have in-stock.

Be well, stay safe and be kind to one another as we all get through this challenging time together.